Powers of Attorney.

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How we can help with Powers of Attorney. 

Making a Power of Attorney.

It’s important to plan for the possibility that, regardless of your age, you may become unable to manage your own affairs and make decisions for yourself. The reality is that this can happen at any time whether due to accident or illness. It’s not something which only affects those in later life. That is why more and more people are making Lasting Powers of Attorney.

We all hope that this is not something which will happen to us but if it does, none of us would want our family to find themselves in a very difficult and costly legal and financial situation.

We’ve got a wealth of experience in advising people of all ages about making Powers of Attorney.

The best time to make a Power of Attorney is when you’re fit and able. By making a Power of Attorney you get to:

  • choose who you want to make important decisions about your finances and your welfare if you become unable to make them yourself
  • avoid expensive Court of Protection Fees
  • prevent your finances from being frozen
  • ensure that you receive the medical treatment that you want
  • ensure that your wishes in relation to end of life treatment are observed
  • give your attorney greater power over the care and treatment you receive, including where you live
  • eliminate guesswork for your family about your wishes on future arrangements
  • allow your loved ones to focus on what’s important

We’ll talk you through the different types of Powers of Attorney and how they operate. You’re likely to have lots of questions – we’re here to help you and address any concerns you may have about this process.

We can assist you in deciding whom to appoint as your attorney(s). We will prepare a Power of Attorney to meet to your precise wishes in relation to who is appointed when they can act for you and the scope of the authority given to them.

We can help you to make the following types of Powers of Attorney:

  • Property and Financial Affairs Lasting Power of Attorney
  • Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney
  • General Power of Attorney
  • Commercial Business Power of Attorney
  • Trustee Power of Attorney
  • Freehold Property Management Power of Attorney
  • Personal Representative Power of Attorney

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