With the current worry over the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many people have turned their focus to updating or making a Will.

However, it is reported that this rush to get a Will in place has led many people to name executors in their Will without first consulting them.

What and who is an executor?

An executor is a trusted person who will be responsible for administering your estate when you die. Put simply, this role involves carrying out your wishes set out in your Will and distributing your assets accordingly.

An executor can be a close family member or friend. Many people will also choose to name a professional executor in their Will so they can be safe in the knowledge that all the probate legalities and processes will be followed correctly and that any disputes between family members are avoided. The cost for a professional executor comes out of the estate so family members do not need to be concerned about having to come up with the money themselves.

Why might someone refuse to act?

Being an executor comes with a